2021 CCCA Award Recipients

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 In-House Counsel Awards. These awards recognize members and organizations who have demonstrated unparalleled leadership, service, innovation and commitment to the in-house counsel community.

R.V.A. Jones Award

Recognizes an exceptional contribution to the development or the promotion of the in-house counsel bar or community.

  •  Heather Innes, Counsel and Senior Legal Advisor, LexSage Professional Corporation
  •  Kenneth J. Fredeen, General Counsel Emeritus, Deloitte LLP

Professional Contribution Award

Recognizes an individual or group who raise the profile of the CCCA in the professional community.

  •  Vivene Salmon, Vice-President, Country Compliance Manager, Global Banking and Markets Compliance, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Innovation Award

Recognizes a member or group who are doing new things or doing things differently to create value on behalf of or for the benefit of a law department or organization

  •  Zelius Kleefstra & the ICBC Team, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia

Up and Comer Award

Recognizes an individual called to the Bar for less than 15 years who has shown leadership at any level within the profession and especially within the CCCA and the organization they serve.

  •  Sandhya Geneviève Chari, Legal Counsel, Government of Nunavut

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

We will be hosting a virtual awards presentation in the near future to honour our winners. The date and time will be announced once confirmed.