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In-House Departments & Law Firms Driving Diversity & Inclusion Together: More Than Just Talk

Diversity and inclusion have been a topic of discussion between in-house counsel and law firms for many years now; however, action and results have been slower to materialize. Generously sponsored by McCarthy Tétrault, this webinar is an open discussion on obstacles and successes, sharing the results of one organization's internal survey of law firms, and introducing a new tool all in-house counsel can use to achieve real action.

Speakers include Julia Shin Doi, General Counsel and Secretary of the Board of Governors at Ryerson University; Charlene Theodore, Counsel at the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association; Nikki Gershbain, Chief Inclusion Officer at McCarthy Tétrault; Thomas Kim, Chief Legal Officer and Company Secretary at Thomson Reuters; Matthew Peters, National Innovation Leader at McCarthy Tétrault.

The Tech Challenge: Buying and Implementing an Enterprise Legal Management System

When it comes to buying and implementing any type of legal management software for your organization, you must consider a myriad of factors: processes, security, implementation, onboarding, and so much more! Join Bindu Cudjoe, SVP, GC & Corporate Secretary at Canadian Western Bank, and Jolie Lin, formerly VP & Deputy GC at BMO Financial Group and now CEO at Linnovation Works, as they discuss the challenges they experienced when procuring enterprise legal management software for their in-house legal teams.

  • Identify whether your problems are related to people, processes or a lack of automation;
  • Build a business case for management approval that doesn’t take months or years;
  • Look at how to determine the best software vendor for you and your organization; and

Ensure change management so that your software investment does not go to waste and your users actually adopt it.

Failure: Getting Comfortable with the “F” Word 

2020 has put many of us to the test. We have had to learn to adapt to new work environments, volatile markets, rapidly evolving societal influences and constantly changing business imperatives. We are learning to live with less social interaction and daily monitoring of health trends and recommendations to follow. All of this can lead to a sense of overwhelm and possible “just getting by”—or worse: failing. Can we get comfortable with failure as an integral part of who we are? Join Ashley Good, founder of Fail Forward, the world’s first failure consultancy, for the interactive workshop.

Data-Driven Decision Making: Building a Data Strategy

Explore how to add an often overlooked, yet critical, element to effectively intersect with in-house and external counsel: data strategy. Ricoh’s Jessica Lockett and Chris Plauschinn will talk about what makes a good data strategy, how you can assess its scope to mitigate costs and risks at the early stages of a matter, and how it can benefit you, your department and your working relationships.

Extraordinary Times Call for Extraordinary Measures: A Team Approach to Injunctive Relief 

Fraud and misconduct by employees and business partners can pose dramatic challenges to your company. Do you know how to manage them? Join MNP’s Greg Draper and Dentons’ Anthony Cole to learn about Anton Piller Orders and Mareva Injunctions—two of the most significant civil remedies available in cases where there is wrongdoing that has caused financial losses—as well as how to use these techniques strategically while mitigating risks.

Spotlight on Public Sector Compensation and Career: What Does the 2020 Compensation and Career Survey Tell Us?

Compensation and career progression may appear straightforward and clear for those in the public sector. However, a closer look at the overwhelming response to the CCCA's 2020 In-House Counsel Compensation & Career Survey by public sector employees shows that there are many insights and opportunities worth consideration. Join The Counsel Network's Sameera Sereda as she presents a breakdown of this year’s results and their implications for public sector wages, benefits, and areas of growth. She will also discuss considerations and implications of career progression and opportunity within government and quasi-governmental organizations. (Download the survey.)

Keep Moving Forward: Using the 2020 In-House Counsel Compensation and Career Survey to Take Control of Your Career in Uncertain Times

The legal profession has been going through tremendous change over the last 10 years, and now the global pandemic has created even more uncertainty. What will the job market look like in the coming months? How will careers and compensation of in-house counsel be impacted? What skills will be required to be successful and how will this impact attraction and retention of in-house legal talent? Are diversity and inclusion being considered? The Counsel Network will explore the findings and trends revealed by the CCCA's 2020 In-House Counsel Compensation & Career Survey, as well as what they mean on a personal level. (Download the survey.)