Mondaq Library

Mondaq is an intelligent, search-driven, syndication platform of informative perspectives from professional services firms. Mondaq provides the content and insights you need, when you need them. 

Through the power of AI, Mondaq’s dynamic website not only delivers the news and content you are searching for, but it also recommends relevant articles based on your real-time readership. 

Visit Mondaq now or follow the links below to browse a specific content type:

  • Twice Weekly CCCA/Mondaq News AlertMondaq provides you with a tailored twice weekly news alert to keep you up to date with the most recent developments. Follow the link to amend your preferences and change your setting.
  • Recent News from Mondaq: In addition to the twice weekly CCCA/Mondaq news alert, you can also access real-time, Canada-focused content (both English- and French-language articles available) via
  • Mondaq WebinarsMondaq/CCCA webinars are delivered by leading Canadian firms on a variety of topic areas and are free to attend. Mondaq also hosts free webinars delivered by thought leaders from around the world.
  • Mondaq Advice CentresEasy-to-navigate repositories of specific legal information and expertise from market-leading firms. Both region-specific and topic-based advice centres are available.
  • Mondaq Comparative Guides: An overview of some of the key points of law and practice, allowing you to compare regulatory environments and laws across multiple jurisdictions.

With content relevancy at its core, the Mondaq service is a real value add for all CCCA members. 

View Mondaq’s short video, which highlights some of the key developments on its website, all of which will improve your experience as a Mondaq user.