Law Department Effectiveness: Webinar Series

The CCCA has partnered with Richard Stock of Catalyst Consulting to offer a series of six webinars that cover an array of topics integral to the effectiveness of law departments. Whether you are responsible for or a member of a small or a large team, and operate in the public or private sector, these sessions will provide the strategies and tools you need to contribute to your organization.

You can register for each course individually or take advantage of bundle pricing for all six webinars and receive a certificate of completion. Better still, the webinars can be completed live or on-demand to suit your busy schedule. (Recordings will be available until June 2022.)

  • For the series: $200 for members; $300 for non-members
  • Per webinar: $50 for members; $100 for non-members


If you experience any trouble registering, please email for assistance.

Strategy, Not Stamina, for the Law Department Oct. 7, 2021: 12pm – 1pm (ET) 
Managing Workflows and Workloads Nov. 4, 2021: 12pm – 1pm (ET)
The Business Case for Another Lawyer in the Department Dec. 2, 2021: 12pm – 1pm (ET)
Performance and KPIs in Public and Private Sector Law Departments Jan. 13, 2022: 12pm – 1pm (ET)
Getting the Results You Want When Buying External Legal Services Feb. 3, 2022: 12pm – 1pm (ET)
Innovation, Not Invention, for the Law Department Mar. 3, 2022: 12pm – 1pm (ET)

Webinar Descriptions

Strategy, Not Stamina, for the Law Department
October 7, 2021 | 12 noon to 1 pm (ET)

Law departments and in-house counsel need to be better focused. They must deploy their resources differently if they are to leverage their unique position as professionals and as intellectual capital in the organization. This session looks at how you can improve effectiveness under five themes:

  • Why planning is critical but plans are not;
  • How to move from operational support to strategic business advisor;
  • The five critical competencies for in-house counsel;
  • How to partner strategically with external counsel; and
  • How to get business done – why results are more important than processes.

Managing Workflows and Workloads 
November 4, 2021 | 12 noon to 1 pm (ET)

In-house counsel have seen an increase of 11% in the length of their work week in the last two years. It is time to take specific measures and be more selective in what work you do and how it is managed. By improving your productivity, you and your department will have more time to be more effective in practice management. This session covers:

  • Managing client expectations and service levels – work intake and allocation;
  • Forecasting demand for legal services by category, complexity and client;
  • Practical business planning for the law department;
  • Making changes to service delivery structures and processes;
  • Using satisfaction surveys; and
  • Developing new competencies for in-house counsel at all levels.

The Business Case for Another Lawyer in the Department 
December 2, 2021 | 12 noon to 1 pm (ET)

Many in-house counsel believe their department is understaffed. How do you build the business case for more resources? Finding productivity improvement in the law department is a prerequisite for small and larger departments alike. This session covers:

  • Assessing the value of current and additional resources;
  • Changing the resource mix of the department for specialization, jurisdictions and experience levels;
  • Replacing in-house solo practitioners with reconfigured legal teams;
  • Make-or-buy decisions for external counsel; and
  • The script of the business case for more resources.

Performance and KPIs in Public and Private Sector Law Departments 
January 13, 2022 | 12 noon to 1 pm (ET)

Law departments have difficulty in communicating the value they provide to the organization if they do not have solid performance data. They need Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that capture and communicate the developmental and strategic contributions of the department in a measurable fashion. This session covers:

  • Changing the organization’s expectations of the law department;
  • Selecting corporate KPIs that align with the law department;
  • Using scorecards and dashboards that make sense;
  • Moving from managing risk to helping make business decisions quickly and intelligently;
  • Selecting effective KPIs and initiatives/actions for the law department; and
  • Communicating the value of the law department.

Getting the Results You Want When Buying External Legal Services 
February 3, 2022 | 12 noon to 1 pm (ET)

It is no longer a leading practice to source external counsel based on relationships and bilateral discussions. There are recognized effective, straightforward ways to secure good value from law firms, which balance competence, coverage and cost. This session examines the following components:

  • How data and preparation are essential;
  • Balancing competence, coverage and cost of external counsel;
  • RFPs and invitations for strategic partnering;
  • Matching staffing distributions with complexity and categories of legal work;
  • Getting external counsel off the clock with non-hourly fees arrangements; 
  • Five tips for negotiating with law firms; and 
  • Measuring the results.

Innovation, Not Invention, for the Law Department 
March 3, 2022 | 12 noon to 1 pm (ET)

Recent innovation in law departments tends to be more about processes and less about getting business done. Many believe that innovation is too complex and time consuming, that the pain is not worth the gain. In addition, compensation for in-house counsel does not generally encourage innovation. This session covers:

  • Steps to increase client self-sufficiency.
  • Replacing the “lawyer as the artist” solo practitioner.
  • Two types of law department innovation.
  • Critical processes and structures to drive innovation.
  • Innovation and strategic impact as KPIs.

About the Speaker

Richard Stock, M.A., FCG, CMC, is the founding partner of Catalyst Consulting. He has been working with lawyers for more than 35 years – first as a client representative, then as a legal executive with a national law firm, and now in his 28th year as a legal services management consultant. Richard is a frequent speaker at conferences and has published 485 articles. He has completed engagements for law departments in Canada, the U.S., Australia, the Middle East and Europe since 1994.

Catalyst Consulting has specialized in working with law departments around the world since 1994. The principal focus of its engagements is on business strategy and plans, demand forecasting, management of workloads and workflows, law department performance, cost management, and the relationship of in-house counsel with their clients. Catalyst Consulting was the CCCA’s Preferred Provider for Law Department Consulting for 18 years. The firm has advised more than 350 law departments over the years.