CCCA Mentoring Program

What if the answers to all your work and career questions were only a phone call away? That’s what you get with the CCCA Mentoring Program, "Counsel Guiding Counsel: The Path to Excellence": critical, hands-on advice to in-house lawyers who are seeking the insights and guidance of more experienced corporate counsel. It is the only program of its kind available in Canada, and it is included as a benefit of membership for all our regular members.

It is run by our certified career coach, who personally matches each mentor and mentee to ensure you can get and give advice on career growth, professional development and future opportunities from colleagues in situations like yours. The program also reflects the diversity of our membership so you can learn from the lived experiences of in-house counsel from similar backgrounds or in similar sectors as you. 

Overall, the CCCA Mentoring Program fosters collegiality and encourages excellence among Canada’s in-house counsel community. Features include:

  • customized training sessions for all mentors;
  • confidential matching of mentors with mentees;
  • regular meetings over a six-month period between the mentor and mentee;
  • a structured but flexible format with constructive resources; and
  • comprehensive support provided by a full-time program advisor and program officer.

Benefits for mentees include:

  • enhanced skills and confidence in dealing with challenges and issues;
  • access to independent and objective perspectives and experiences; and
  • a safe space to talk about innovative ideas.

Benefits for mentors include:

  • the opportunity to “give back” to the corporate counsel profession;
  • the satisfaction of enhancing skills and helping someone grow professionally; and
  • fresh perspectives through interactions with in-house lawyers at a different stage in their career.


To register your interest to be part of the program, please email us at

Please include in your email whether you would like to register as a mentee or mentor, your full name, position title, organization, address, contact number, as well as your CBA/CCCA member number. Our mentorship coach will then contact you to get the process started.