Workshop 103

Your Greatest Asset may also be Your Biggest Risk: Practical Steps for Data Protection

Sponsored by  ricoh the canadian bar association

The necessary rapid response to a global pandemic pushed organizations to their IT limits in managing their data, while the need for even more control over our greatest asset, and occasional threat, continued to rise. Following the tendency to keep data “just in case we need it later,” companies are now faced with navigating the accessibility, identification, collection, storage and management of vast amounts of data without understanding contents, locations and access. The blind spots create significant privacy and security risk. While most organizations recognize the importance and necessity of locating and securing their sensitive data, the path to ensuring that the processes and technologies are in place to make that happen is not always straightforward.

Join us as we walk through the key phases and methods to mapping your data stores, gaining critical insight into the data contents, and look at the various options and considerations for sensitive data protection and remediation in an increasingly remote access world.


  • sean lynch the canadian bar association Sean Lynch, Director, Legal and Compliance Solutions, Ricoh Canada
  • dean gonsowski the canadian bar association Dean Gonsowski, Chief Revenue Officer, ActiveNav
  • ceyda tocsoy the canadian bar association Ceyda Tocsoy, Director, eDiscovery Services, Miller Thomson LLP