Workshop 102

Strategy, not Stamina, for the Law Department

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Law departments need to be better focused and deploy their resources differently if they are to leverage their unique position as intellectual capital in the company. This workshop will consider your role under five main themes:

  • Planning is critical; plans are useless
  • From operational support to strategic business advisor
  • Seven critical attributes, business skills and legal knowledge for in-house counsel
  • Better partnering with external counsel
  • Getting business done


  • richard stock the canadian bar association Richard G. Stock, M.A., FCG, CMC, Managing Partner, Catalyst Consulting
  • mélanie bernier the canadian bar association Mélanie Bernier, Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, PSP Investments
  • shari hosaki the canadian bar association Shari Hosaki, Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, HarperCollins Canada and Harlequin Enterprises