Innovation Award

The Innovation Award recognizes an individual or group who is doing new things or doing things differently to create value on behalf of or for the benefit of a law department or organization.

In-house teams are asking for lower costs and certainty; clearer information about the process and the use of familiar technology and processes; results; involvement; and respect. Innovation can be driven by a number of factors including new:

  • structures for delivering legal services;
  • ways of lawyers working together and with non-lawyers;
  • forms of organization management;
  • ways of integrating diversity;
  • client centered services;
  • ways of bundling or disaggregating services;
  • technologies;
  • business processes;
  • billing arrangements;
  • legal curricula and training;
  • career development;
  • ways for providing access to legal services; and
  • attitudes and perspectives.


Submissions must nominate an individual in-house counsel or a legal department. Self-nominations accepted.

NOTE: The winner accepts that their improvement will be described and/or shared with CCCA membership through various media channels


Nominations for the 2021 Award are closed.

Nominate someone by providing the following:

  1. Nominee's name, address, phone and email address.
  2. Nominator's name, address, phone and email address.
  3. A summary of the reasons for the nomination (maximum 500 words).
  4. Nominee's CV (mandatory) and supporting letters (recommended, no more than two).

NOTE: Nomination packages are limited to a maximum of 20 pages. Staff will remove any pages over the 20-page limit. Nominators must advise nominees of their nomination prior to submitting a nomination policy.

Please email completed Nomination Submission to:

The Awards Committee

The Award will be presented annually as chosen by the CCCA Awards Committee in its sole discretion. The Committee reserves the right to not present the Award in a given year.