Mission & Vision


We have been dedicated to developing the professional skills and enabling the career growth of our diverse membership since 1988.

Our Mission

  • to inform, connect and be the voice of the nation’s in-house counsel
  • to be the primary source of advice, knowledge and information  that our members need in order to maximize their value to their respective organizations
  • to create opportunities for our members to share ideas and forge important domestic and global relationships
  • to work with other Sections, Forums and Committees of the Canadian Bar Association on matters of mutual concern;
  • to liaise with in-house counsel organizations in other jurisdictions; and
  • to promote CCCA and CBA membership.

Our Vision

In an increasingly global environment, the CCCA creates opportunities for Canadian in-house counsel to maximize personal and professional growth and become leaders in their organizations and communities.

Our Objectives

To achieve our mission, we focus our resources on the following six strategic objectives:

  • Community: The CCCA engages all in-house counsel to come together in a climate of fellowship and mutual support by creating opportunities for members to network and share accomplishments, experiences and knowledge.
  • Professional excellence: The CCCA enables members to enhance their skills and capabilities as in-house counsel by providing value-added resources, services and knowledge.
  • Career development: The CCCA supports members’ career growth by facilitating their access to career development pathways, information and support.
  • Advancing the practice: The CCCA promotes a positive perception of in-house counsel’s contribution by leveraging appropriate information-sharing opportunities within industry, government bodies and professional associations.
  • Supporting our sections: The CCCA fosters our sections' growth by encouraging their development, supporting local activities. and providing opportunities for co-operation at the regional and national levels.