CCCA Announces the 2020 Award Winners

  • May 13, 2020
  • Lynne Yryku

CCCA Announces the 2020 Award Winners

Honouring the profession’s best

The Canadian Corporate Counsel Association (CCCA) is pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 In-House Counsel Awards.

These awards recognize members and organizations who have demonstrated unparalleled leadership, service, innovation and commitment to the in-house counsel community.

This year, as it was not possible to present the 2020 CCCA Awards at the National Conference, we have honoured our recipients virtually.

Please enjoy the virtual award presentations.

Here are this year’s honourees:

R.V.A. Jones Award

Recognizes excellence in in-house counsel service. It is awarded to a regular member of the CCCA whose career exemplifies the highest standards of service, conduct and professionalism for in-house counsel

Fred Headon, CIC.C, Ad.E., Assistant General Counsel, Labour and Employment Law, Air Canada – For his long-term support of the CCCA and the in-house community; his significant contributions to the legal profession as a lawyer, presenter and colleague; and his passionate advocacy of the role of in-house counsel and the importance of lawyers, both nationally and internationally.

Professional Contribution Award

Recognizes an individual or group (including a CCCA Section, Committee or Task Force) who or which raises the profile of the CCCA in the professional community

Nicholas Slonosky, CIC.C, former Director & Legal Counsel, Investors Group (now retired) – For his 40-plus years of service to the legal profession, particularly the in-house bar; his substantial contributions to the in-house community in Manitoba and Canada; and his unwavering commitment to success, for himself as well as colleagues and friends.

Innovation Award

Recognizes an individual or group who is doing new things or doing things differently to create value on behalf of or for the benefit of a law department or organization

Robert Warner, Director – CLS, Operations, with Jeff Wilson, Senior Manager – CLS, Litigation Management & Strategy, and the Management Team at Insurance Corporation of British Columbia – For the significant work undertaken in 2019 to transform the claims legal services department (CLS) to operate more efficiently while delivering consistent quality service, resulting in enhanced customer confidence and trust, as well as improved engagement and productivity by the lawyers and legal support staff within CLS.

Up and Comer Award

Recognizes a CCCA Regular member with less than 15 years called to the Bar who has had strong participation at any level within the profession and especially within both the CCCA and the organization they serve

Michael Ladha, CIC.C, Legal Counsel & Assistant Corporate Secretary, Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro – For his dedication to the in-house profession and his community, as demonstrated by his extensive volunteer work; his knowledgeable and engaging approach to his work, where he is recognized as a valued member and leader; and his commitment to continuing education and professional development.

Congratulations to all our winners!