FAQs on Online Delivery

Given the current COVID-19 situation, we have curated the design of the Business Leadership Program for In House Counsel (BLPIHC) into an online, synchronous format. The online architecture respects the challenges of both working and working from home, and uses appropriate pedagogy to ensure you are able to apply your learning from the program directly to your work situation.

While face-to-face in-class instruction remains our preferred approach, our recent experience in moving to a synchronous online environment has shown that participants extract significant value and report high levels of learning and satisfaction with the experience. Faculty will be using a multitude of interactive devices to encourage participation and increase networking opportunities so that you can also learn from each other.

What is the educational approach of the BLPIHC?

You can expect a robust, multi-layered learning experience that emphasizes leadership development and higher order problem solving skills in the in-house counsel context. Through a deliberate integration of academic concepts, foundational leadership frameworks and contributions from industry and business experts, you will acquire the tools you need to enhance your leadership effectiveness and accelerate your understanding of effective management principles.

Peer learning is a critical component of the BLPIHC. To facilitate the social interaction that is essential to peer learning, the technology we employ supports small group discussions, learning projects, and access to faculty and industry experts.

The CCCA and Rotman collaborate on and contribute to content and speaker identification, program architecture and the assessment/evaluation of the program. In addition, Professor Hugh Arnold, Academic Director of the Program, ensures the efficacy of the program is maintained, and content is updated to reflect current leadership and organizational issues facing members of the in-house bar. Faculty who teach this program are experts in their respective fields, and have experience delivering online programs and learning experiences to experienced professionals.

What is the online learning experience like?

We have taken special care to ensure the collaborative, interactive experience you expect from Rotman carries through to our online programs. Through the use of case studies, hands-on exercises, group activities, guest speakers and faculty engagement (all of which we have experience delivering successfully online), we create a safe space and forum for discussion of the relevant issues. The case studies and group projects are specifically curated to engage critical thought processes that lead to solutions to ongoing challenges faced by in-house counsel with real-time applicability.

What is the program’s format?

The BLPIHC is a 10-month program consisting of three modules, each delivered in six half-day live sessions, combined with a self-paced online component.

The live sessions will be delivered in a synchronous format led by a faculty member. In addition to these sessions, expect to spend an additional 1-2 hours per week for pre-work, readings and group sessions to work on your final presentations.

Prior to the start of the program, you will be provided with access to the program’s Learning Management System, which will be your main source of information, announcements, pre-reading and other program materials.

What online resources are provided?

During the duration of the course, all students will have access the LexisNexis Practical Guidance – In-House Counsel Desk. In-House Counsel Desk combines tools, practice notes, precedents and more from a diverse set of modules, covering all the core practice areas in the BLPIHC plus dozens more, which will help you in your day-to-day work.

How do I apply?

Download and complete the application form, and send to certification@ccca-cba.org.

For any questions, please contact Pam Gosewich, CPD Coordinator at the CCCA, at certification@ccca-cba.org or Linda Botrie, Client Services Manager at Rotman, at linda.botrie@rotman.utoronto.ca.