Workshop 301

Tuesday, May 3: 12pm - 1pm (ET)

Mastering Legal Holds: Leveraging Technology + Streamlining Process Amidst Growing Data Risks

Sponsored by  ricoh the canadian bar association

Many organizations have personnel either working remotely or across multiple locations, and there is a continuous evolution of where relevant information for legal matters can be stored (cloud, collaboration apps, mobile devices, etc.). For these reasons, it is imperative that legal departments re-assess their current legal hold processes in preparation for litigation, investigations, or other legal matters.

Join us to discuss:

  • What are the top features/functionalities to look for in legal hold technology?
  • Why should you adopt litigation hold technology and move away from manual or spreadsheet-based processes?
  • Top tips for updating your preservation processes to decrease the risk of inadvertent data deletion or spoliation.
  • Key strategies for ensuring that the data put on legal hold aligns with other data considerations (data privacy laws, data security and efficient data management, etc.).


  • Maks Babuder, Senior Product Manager, Relativity
  • Sean Lynch, Director, Client Strategy, Ricoh
  • Tamara Porter, Director of Business Development, Ricoh