Workshop 302

The Pandemic’s Impact on Digitization: How Legal Tech Adoption Transformed Overnight

Sponsored by  dilitrust logo the canadian bar association

The pandemic has had a significant impact on digitization, forcing a transformative shift in legal tech adoption overnight. Executives in companies and public institutions are facing new challenges in terms of diligence, compliance, transparency and data security. Like all corporate departments, the legal department is not immune to this digital wave. More than ever, legal departments are at the heart of these new business challenges and must play a central role, particularly in managing risks in using technology. In this workshop, we will assess the impact of technologies on the legal profession and the productivity gains they bring. Using dedicated technologies, you will see how you can centralize, secure and automate value-added tasks to optimize your efficiency.


  • geoffrey vande weerdt the canadian bar association Moderator: Geoffrey Vande Weerdt, Manager of Customer Success, North America, DiliTrust
  • vincent bergeron the canadian bar association Vincent Bergeron, Partner, Lawyer and Trademark Agent, ROBIC
  • martin longpré the canadian bar association Martin Longpré, Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Groupe Robert
  • arnaud maxwell the canadian bar association Arnaud Maxwell, General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, Colas Canada