Privacy in the Age of Global Community


Technology can help build far-reaching, engaged communities of professionals to harness the power of collective knowledge and experience beyond that of an individual lawyer. These online communities highlight the value that lawyers bring in a world of democratized information: the ability to reframe issues and critically evaluate research brought forward using GoogleJD and artificial intelligence. But can these online communities share knowledge, information and experience without sacrificing privacy? How do Canadian privacy laws and global privacy regulations affect the creation, design and use of these communities?

Join the discussion as lawyers from all sides of the issues ask:

  • Can we have online platforms to discuss client issues and situations?
  • Can we do this in a way that is conscious of privacy?
  • What is needed to be protected in this online community?


  • Moderator: Dina Maxwell, Privacy & Data Security Lawyer, Axiom
  • Aliya Ramji, Senior Director, Legal and Corporate Affairs, Figure1
  • Gerald Chan, Partner, Stockwoods LLP

When & Where:

  • Tuesday, April 9 – 10:45 AM to 12:15 PM ET
  • Room: TBD