Building Your Community: Communication for Better Engagement


This workshop will explore practical tools for changing the way that people communicate with you and your team. How does the way that you communicate influence the way that people respond to your ideas? How can you improve the way that people communicate with you? This is especially relevant for communications within internal teams, and to and from executives and outside stakeholders.

Well-researched, well-documented, intellectually sound and well-structured arguments win the day and bring people to your way, correct? Well, sometimes…and sometimes that communication method leaves you leading the way with no one following. Why?

The way you communicate influences how people respond to your ideas. Improving the way you communicate engages people beyond what they must or should do to what they want to do. This session will explore practical tools for changing the way you communicate with your legal department, clients, business teams, executives and outside stakeholders to engage your community and build support and action for ideas.


  • Chris Graham, Principal, Tell People
  • Travis Allan, Vice President, Public Affairs and General Counsel, Energie Technologies / Flo
  • Leola Pon, General Counsel, Toronto District School Board

When and where:

  • Monday, April 8 – 3PM to 4:30 PM ET
  • Room: TBD