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The CCCA awards are given out annually at the National Conference. The 2015 awards will be presented on Monday, April 20, 2015 in Toronto. Nominations for 2015 awards will open soon.

Robert V.A. Jones Award

The CCCA bestows the Robert V.A. Jones Award in recognition of excellence in corporate counsel service. It is awarded to a regular member of the CCCA whose career exemplifies the highest standards of service, conduct and professionalism for corporate counsel.

The Robert V.A. Jones Award is named after the founding executive director of the CCCA, who served the association from 1989 to 1999. Bob Jones’ leadership and commitment to the advancement of the in-house counsel community set a high standard for all CCCA members, and especially for the recipients of this annual Award.

After seven years of private commercial practice in Hamilton, Ontario, Bob Jones joined the fledgling law department of The T. Eaton Co. Ltd. in late 1961, becoming General Counsel of that storied company two years later. He served the company through a national expansion that extended through to his early retirement in 1989. He went on to found RVA Jones Associates Inc., providing law firms and private- and public-sector law departments with counseling on corporate service delivery.

In recognition of his contributions, he was honoured by the Canadian Bar Association in 1999 with an Honorary Lifetime Membership, and by the CCCA with the establishment of the annual award for excellence in corporate counsel service that bears his name.

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Community Builder Award

The Community Builder Award recognizes pro bono, community, or corporate social responsibility efforts by CCCA members.

Professional Contribution Award

The Professional Contribution Award recognizes an individual or group (including a CCCA Chapter, Committee or Task Force) who or which raises the profile of the CCCA in the professional community.

Special Contribution Award

The Special Contribution Award recognizes an individual who has made an extraordinary, one-time contribution to further the objectives of the CCCA.

Up and Comer Award

The Up and Comer Award recognizes a CCCA Regular member with less than 10 years in-house who has had strong participation at any level within the profession and especially within both the CCCA and the organization they serve.

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